New Construction

At BAE Automation we have the knowledge and professionals to deliver a complete new building automation system. Over many years we have developed close working relationships with mechanical services contractors and engineering consultants. From project quotation stage to construction and ongoing maintenance - we can provide the total solution as specified and on time.


Building Upgrades

So you’ve decided to invest in a major building upgrade replacing mechanical services such as AC units, pumps, chillers or boilers. The coordinated control of all these services is managed by the building automation system. Often the greatest ROI upgrade initiative is to simply tune and change control strategies to more efficiently control mechanical services and energy consumption. BAE can help you upgrade your building automation system to optimize comfort and energy efficiency. Future proof your building with the latest open automation technologies and save energy!

Energy Efficiency Projects

Whether it’s a complete building upgrade or a sub-system energy efficiency project. BAE can provide the combined products, hardware, software and engineering/commissioning services to support your project and budget.

  •         BMS integration and conversion to open communications protocols (eg: BACnet, Modbus, Niagara)
  •         Energy sub-metering – electricity, gas, water.
  •         Energy visualization, reporting and dashboards.
  •         BMS control optimisation and tuning.
  •         Demand controlled ventilation.
  •         Variable speed drive solutions for pumps and fans.
  •         Carpark ventilation carbon monoxide control systems.


Building automation for new construction projects, existing building upgrades and energy efficiency retrofits.


Building automation service and tailored maintenance plans ensuring your building assets operate reliably and efficiently.


Practical automation solutions and innovative HVAC products that reduce your energy bills.


Contact us for anything related to building automation or HVAC controls.