Reduce your energy bills with practical automation solutions and innovative HVAC products. One of the main functions of the building automation system is to provide energy efficient control of mechanical services while maintaining comfort conditions. Most of our technologies are geared towards the efficient use of energy in a building while still maintaining a comfortable environment. We can provide practical advice that will help you reduce your energy costs and extend the life of your building assets. Our Technicians can check and tune your system to ensure that this is achieved.

Energy Management

With ever increasing energy costs, it’s time to determine where your energy is being spent.  At BAE we can help with this.  We can provide a system that can monitor your energy usage and report on abnormal energy usage (abnormalities).  Once you understand your energy pattern we can help with implementing HVAC control strategies to help reduce your energy cost.  BAE have a number of local or cloud based solutions.  Talk to us about soft metering and our new soft BMS/HVAC option (Softtech).   Soft-tech combines the know how of a BMS Technician with the knowledge of a HVAC Expert all wrapped up in software.  Softech will monitor your HVAC system alerting you of irregularities and faults.

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Building automation for new construction projects, existing building upgrades and energy efficiency retrofits.


Building automation service and tailored maintenance plans ensuring your building assets operate reliably and efficiently.


Practical automation solutions and innovative HVAC products that reduce your energy bills.


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