Repair & Replace

When Building Automation or HVAC controls breakdown you need to repair or replace as quickly as possible. BAE can be contacted to investigate the cause of the breakdown and get your system back up and running. If a component has failed then just contact us and we can deliver direct to site. Call us, email us or visit our online store  where you can browse through HVAC controls devices.

Maintenance Plans

Building Automation Service and tailored Maintenance Plans ensure your building assets operate reliably and efficiently. A maintenance plan for your Building Automation System is a must. Mechanical services (AC units, fans, filters, boilers, chillers etc) maintenance is generally planned for, however Building Automation Maintenance is often overlooked. Major energy consumers such as chillers, boiler, and AC units are controlled by the Building Automation System. An effective maintenance plan will ensure these assets operate efficiently and only when needed. This can result in longer equipment life and lower running costs. Remember, the Building Automation System is a building asset in itself. Hardware, software, sensors and actuators eventually need tuning, calibration and upgrading to meet advances in technology.

Our tailored Maintenance Plan can help reduce the frequency of service fault calls and identify any potential breakdowns before they occur. One of the main functions of the Building Automation System is to provide energy efficient control of the mechanical services while maintaining comfort conditions. Our Technician will check and tune the system to ensure this is achieved.

Additional benefits of a Maintenance Program are a 15% discount on replacement parts and contract call-out rate eligibility (please speak with us for further details of eligibility). To discuss further the benefits of a Building Automation System Maintenance Plan and how we can tailor this to your needs please contact us.

Building Automation System Integrator

These days Building Automation Systems require a high level of integration with other services.  BAE can provide the platform for integrating these together allowing the sharing of information enabling greater control through big data visualization.

HVAC Control Systems

Electronic and analogue HVAC systems have been around for decades.  You may have one installed in your building.  They are outdated and inefficient.  These days with the advancement in technology through HTML5, iPhone and Android applications, old HVAC electronic control systems can be replaced giving the user control and visibility.  This may also directly translate into energy efficiency.

HVAC Control Products
BAE can provide spare parts for your HVAC control system.  Please see or contact us for a project quotation.



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