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Siemens QAX34.3 Room Thermostat

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  • Measurement of the room temperature
  • Bias switch for adjustment of the room temperature setpoint
  • Bias switch for selection of the operating mode ( /Auto) and for manual control of the fan in fan-coil systems (up to 3 speeds)
  • LCD for display of room temperature and operating mode
  • PPS2 interface to the controller
  • Tool function for parameter setting and testing 2) of RXB/RXL controllers


The room unit is used in rooms controlled by an individual room control system, to measure the room temperature and for operation of a room controller. The functions of the LCD display are determined by the controller. If manual fan-speed control is enabled, the room unit can be used to operate a fan-coil system. It is also suitable for use in conjunction with a DESIGO PX automation station 1).

In conjunction with the RXB / RXL controllers (FC-10 and later, CC-02) the QAX34.3 room unit can also be used for parameter-setting and for the wiring test 2).

For details refer to the technical manual, CM110389 (RXB), CM110789 (RXL).

1) In the QAX34.3 room unit the address (fixed to 1) cannot be changed. If it is used with a PXC... automation station, the display shows the state requested by the user, rather than the actual state.
2) Wiring test only available with certain devices.


QAX34.3 Room Thermostat with sensor, Setpoint and Operating Mode Selector, LCD and PPS2 interface