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Siemens QAF81.3 Frost Thermostat

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  • Robust aluminium die-cast housing
  • Responds to temperature change sensed over any 30 cm length of capillary
  • Small switching differential
  • Good repeatability
  • Setpoint adjustment (5...15 °C)
  • Protection standard IP54 (65)


The frost unit QAF81... for air-side monitoring of the temperature of LTHW heating coils in ventilation and air conditioning systems is used to prevent frost damage. It has a small switching differential and good repeatability. The reset occurs automatically (manual reset required with QAF81.6M).

The frost unit can be used to initiate the following frost protection functions:
– Stop fan
– Close outside air dampers
– Open heating coil valve 100 %
– Start heating coil pump
– Switch off chiller (condenser) and humidifier
– Trip visual and/or audible frost alarm


QAF81.3 Frost Thermostat, -5...15°C, Capillary length 3000mm, IP54