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Siemens IRA211 Infrared Remote Control

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IRA211 Infrared Remote Control For Room Thermostats

The IRA211 is an infrared remote control for use with fan coil unit thermostats equipped with infrared receiver. Communication between remote control and room thermostat is unidirectional. The digital display shows the actual setting. Any changes made directly on the room thermostat will not be synchronized with the remote control.

  • Selection of operating mode: Comfort, Auto Timer or Protection
  • Adjustment of room temperature setpoint in Comfort mode
  • Selection of fan mode: Automatic or manual fan speed
  • Room temperature setpoint in °C or °F (selectable)


For remote control of fan coil unit thermostats.

Designed for use with the following types of room thermostat:

· RDF110.../IR
· RDF210…/IR
· RDF310.21
· RDF410.21
· RDE410
· RDG1…T


IRA211 Infrared remote control for RDF SFM / RDG (S55770-T166)


View the Datasheet and Technical Specifications provided by Siemens: Click Here To View Siemens HIT Portal IRA211


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