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Room Thermostats for Heating LCD, Touchscreen, WiFi, RDS Series

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To control heating applications in apartments, single family homes, dormitories, and other residential as well as commercial spaces.

  • Backlit, auto-dimming 90 mm color LCD touch screen for intuitive local operation
  • Mobile app for smartphones
  • Patented * self-learning algorithm with PID response
  • Green leaf button for energy-optimized operation
  • Air quality indication via built-in sensor
  • Operate automatically following a scheduler
  • Multifunctional inputs for window contacts, remote sensors, etc.
  • Two relay outputs for heating equipment, humidifier, dehumidifier or domestic hot water boiler
  • Satisfy EU.BAC certification level AA for Home Control and Class IV according to the Eco design directive 

*Patent pending

RDS110 Smart Room Thermostat, Heat, Backlit Touch Screen, AC 230V, On/Off Output, WiFi, AQ indication & Green Leaf function  (S55772-T100)
RDS120 Smart Room Thermostat, Heat & Cool, Backlit Touch Screen, AC 24V, On/Off Output for 3H/2C & heat pumps up to 4H/2C, with single speed fan, WiFi, AQ indication & Green Leaf function  (S55772-T101)