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Siemens QBM81... Differential Pressure Switch

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• For ventilation and air conditioning plants

• To monitor air filters, air flow, fan belts

• To monitor pressure in clean rooms, kitchens etc.

• Easy to mount

• >1 mio switching cycles

• Highly precise setting

• Long-term stability


In ventilation and air conditioning plants to:

• Monitor differential pressure, underpressure and overpressure
• Monitor air filters and air flows
• Recognize torn fan belts

Differential pressure switches can be used in clean rooms, kitchens, etc.


QBM81-3 Differential Pressure Switch, Air/Gas, 20…300Pa, Adjustable Switching Differential
QBM81-5 Differential Pressure Switch, Air/Gas, 50…500Pa, Adjustable Switching Differential
QBM81-10 Differential Pressure Switch, Air/Gas, 100…1000Pa, Adjustable Switching Differential
QBM81-20 Differential Pressure Switch, Air/Gas, 200…2000Pa, Adjustable Switching Differential (S55720-S125)