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Siemens PPE2.AA Differential Pressure Switch

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PPE2.AA Water Differential Pressure Switch
The  PPE2-Series  is  widely  used  as  the  water  flow  controls  in  water  /  air cooled  chillers and  as  monitor  in  water  bump  and  filter  of  plate  heat  exchanger,  tube  heat  exchanger  and shell  heat  exchanger. The PPE2.AA is Thermokon branded.
  • Compatible  to  all  common  HVAC  DDC  and  Analog  Controls  systems,  with/without  Building  Automation  System
  • Water  pressure  measurement  in  HVAC  water  systems Use
  • Monitoring  the  flow  controls  of  the  ventilation  system  filters,  boilers  and  air conditioner
  • Used  in  all  common  HVAC  applications
  • Used  in  Commercial  and  Industrial  Buildings


PPE2.AA Differential Pressure Switch, Liquid, Fixed, Setpoint 10kPa, PN20

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