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Siemens QAD.. Temperature Sensor

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This sensors are used for the acquisition of temperature of pipework for controlling or limiting the flow temperature, limiting the return temperature, and controlling the domestic hot water temperature.

Range of use:

  • Temperature: -30…130 °C
  • Output: LG-Ni1000 / Pt100 / Pt1000 / NTC 10k
  • Protection class: IP42


QAD22 - Strap-on Temperature Sensor, LG-Ni1000, -30…130°C, DN15…140mm, IP42
QAD26.220 - Strap-on Temperature Sensor, LG-Ni1000, -35…90°C, DN15…50mm, IP65, with Cable without Housing
QAD2010 - Strap-on Temperature Sensor, Pt100
QAD2012 - Strap-on Temperature Sensor, Pt1000
QAD2030 - Strap-on Temperature Sensor, NTC 10k