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Siemens QXA2... Condensation Monitor

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PLEASE NOTE - QXA2061 & QXA2602 Products no longer available. Please contact us for a replacement.

• Operating voltage AC/DC 24 V or AC 230 V

• Potential free changeover contact AC/DC 1…30 V or AC 230 V

• Simple and fast mounting

• Surface or pipe mounting

• Integrated and remote sensor version available

• Status indication by two colored LED


For monitoring condensation in buildings with chilled ceilings or in ventilation, air conditioning or heating plant.

The condensation monitors are used:
• to prevent condensation on chilled ceilings
• to prevent condensation at critical spots of HVAC plant or buildings (in air ducts, near fans, etc.)
• as a condensation switch

In general, the condensation monitors are used on all kinds of surfaces where condensation must be avoided.


QXA2100 Condensation Monitor, ON/OFF, AC/DC 24V, (S55770-T375)
QXA2101 Condensation Monitor, ON/OFF, AC/DC 24V with Remote Sensor Head (S55770-T376)