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Siemens QVM62.1 Duct Air Velocity Sensor

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The QVM62.1 records the air velocity as a measured value and converts it to an active DC 0...10 V or 4…20 mA output signal. Three measuring ranges are available: 0...5 m/s, 0...10 m/s, and 0...15 m/s. The sensor measures a point, i.e., it measures the values at a specific location in the flow profile. For recording the mean air velocity in the duct, the sensor's immersion depth is the key measure. The immersion depth depends on the flow profile. The measurement principle is based on the anemometric measurement principle. The specially developed thin film sensing element of the QVM62.1 is to a big extend independent form the flow direction and is nearly insensitive to any kind of dirt in the airflow.


This sensor is used to control the air velocity to a constant value, or to balance out pressure fluctuations (supply or extract air control), or to monitor the flow in air ducts. It primarily is used for modulating fan control in primary plants to set the basic volume flow.


QVM62.1 Duct Air Velocity Sensor, 0…10V/4-20mA, Immersion Length 30…300mm