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Siemens LI65+V Outdoor Lux Sensor

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LI65+ Outdoor Multi-sensor 

Thermokon outdoor sensor measuring light, temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure typically used in lighting applications to optimise energy efficiency through lighting control. The device is designed for outdoor areas, greenhouses, warehouses or industrial halls. The device has an integrated ambient light sensor with precise optical filtering adapted to the human eye. The devices with relay outputs for a 2-point controller or a 2-stage 2-point controller allow for a wide range of applications. Depending on the model, the sensor can be individually configured via Thermokon USEapp. Tool-free opening, closing and wiring as well as removable cable entries ensure quick and easy installation.



LI65+V Sensor, Lux, outdoor, 0.2k/1k/2k/10k/20k/50k Lux0-10Vdc, 24Vac/dc, IP65


View the Datasheet and Technical Specifications provided: Click Here To View Datasheet LI65+


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