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Siemens QVE19.. Flow Switch

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Flow monitor of liquid medium in HVAC plants in hydraulic systems, in particular, refrigeration, heat pump and heating plants, e.g. for evaporators, boilers, heat exchangers, etc.


QVE1900 - Flow Switch, DN32..200, PN10, IP65
QVE1901- Flow Switch, DN20..200, PN25, IP65
QVE1902.010 - Flow Switch, DN10, PN10, IP65 (S55720-S199)
QVE1902.015- Flow Switch, DN15, PN10, IP65 (S55720-S200)
QVE1902.020 - Flow Switch, DN20, PN10, IP65 (S55720-S201)
QVE1902.025- Flow Switch, DN25, PN10, IP65 (S55720-S202)