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Siemens QBM2030 Differential Pressure Sensors for Air

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• Pressure-linear characteristic with selectable pressure measuring range

• Operating voltage AC 24 V or DC 13.5…33 V

• Output signal DC 0...10 V

• Zero-point adjustment

• Simple and fast mounting thanks to integrated mounting brackets in the housing

• Maintenance free

• Calibrated and temperature-compensated measuring signal

• Supplied with tubing connection set


The differential pressure sensor acquires differential, over and under pressure of air and nonaggressive gases.

Fields of application
• Measuring the slightest differential pressures in ventilation and air conditioning ducts
• Check air flows
• Monitor filters and control fans


QBM2030-1U Differential Pressure Sensor, Air/Gas, 0…10V, -50…50Pa, -100…100, 0…100Pa selectable (S55720-S244)
QBM2030-5 Differential Pressure Sensor, Air/Gas, 0…10V, 0…200Pa, 0…250, 0…500Pa selectable (S55720-S245)
QBM2030-30 Differential Pressure Sensor, Air/Gas, 0…10V, 0…1000Pa, 0…1500, 0…3000Pa selectable (S55720-S246)
590-780 Differential Pressure Sensor, Air/Gas, 4…20mA, 1"WC (0…250Pa) US Version