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Siemens QFM... Duct Humidity Sensor

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· Operating voltage AC 24 V / DC 13.5...35 V

· Signal output DC 0...10 V / 4…20 mA for relative humidity

· Signal output DC 0...10 V / 4…20 mA / T1 / LG-Ni 1000 for temperature

· Measuring accuracy ±3 % r. h. within the comfort range

· Range of use -15…+60 °C / 0…95 % r. h. (non-condensing)


The QFM21… duct sensors are for use in air ducts of ventilation and air conditioning plant for acquiring:

· The relative humidity and

· The temperature. The sensors are used as:

· Control sensors in the supply or extract air

· Reference sensors, e.g. for shifting the dew point

· Limit sensors, e.g. in connection with steam humidifiers

· Limit sensors, e.g. for measured value indication or for connection to a building automation and control system

· Sensors for enthalpy and absolute humidity, together with SEZ220


QFM2100 Duct Humidity Sensor, 0…10V
QFM2101 Duct Humidity Sensor, 4…20mA
QFM3100 Duct Humidity Sensor, 0…10V, High Accuracy
QFM3101 Duct Humidity Sensor, 4...20mA, High Accuracy
QFM81.2 Duct Hygrostat, 15…95%rh, External Setpoint Adjustment
QFM81.21 Duct Hygrostat, 15…95%rh, Internal Setpoint Adjustment