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Siemens AQR257... Flush Mount Sensor

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  • Communicating room sensor with KNX S-Mode, KNX LTE-Mode and KNX PL-Link for Desigo™ Total Room Automation
  • Combinable multi-sensor to measure temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration
  • Range 0…+50 °C / 0…95 % r.h. (non-condensing) / 0…5000 ppm
  • Air quality indication via LED x PID room temperature controller and ventilation controller (KNX S-Mode)
  • 2 binary inputs for potential-free contacts
  • Input for additional, remote passive temperature sensor (NTC 10k)
  • Optimized, energy-saving measuring methods ideal for energy-efficient room applications
  • Supplied via bus
  • Maintenance free


The room sensor is used in heating, ventilating and air conditioning plants to optimize comfort and energy consumption via demand-controlled ventilation.

The room sensor records:
CO2 concentration in rooms with varying occupancy due to time or number of people such as in museums, movie theaters, offices, meeting rooms, class rooms, auditoriums, hospitals, living spaces.
Relative room humidity.
Room temperature.
A second room temperature for averaging, or floor or ceiling temperature.

The room sensor helps to control:
Room temperature via PID controller.

Air quality: Humidity.

As well as
Switching of electrical devices
Switching and dimming lights
Control solar protection systems.
Monitor window contacts.

Devices featuring CO2 measurement are not suited to safety applications such as gas or smoke alarm.


AQR2570NH Flush mount sensor base module, Temperatue & Humidity, with KNX (S55720-S204)
AQR2576NH Flush mount sensor base module, CO2, with KNX (S55720-S208)