Date added: 05/06/2015 Geelong Grammar School for Performing Arts & Creative Education opens!

Geelong Grammar is the largest coeducational boarding school in Australia. The schools history dates back to 1855 however the main Corio Campus overlooking Corio Bay was estabilshed 1914. Some of the original buildings are still in use today and there have been additions over many decades. The most recent new development is the School for Performing Arts and Creative Education. This modern state of the art building includes many advanced building automation features. These include:

  • Main forum air conditioning adaptive air flow control dependent on forum use (Assembly, Performance or Dinner).
  • Demand controlled ventilation and economy cycle.
  • Variable speed drive control of fans and pumps.
  • Energy monitoring.
  • Native BACnet Alerton BMS with high level integration to HVAC equipment.

As a local Geelong based company, BAE Automation Technologies is proud to be associated with the construction of this new building  and servicing the school BMS network.