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Siemens UA9 Signal Converter

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Signal converter DC 0...10 V to DC 0...20 V phase control

For phase-cut signals, max. 40 W.

Principle of operation

The DC 0 ... 10 V control signal (at terminals 3 and 4) is electrically isolated in a high impedance input-differential amplifier, and converted into a proportional phase-cut signal of DC 0 … 20 V. The supply voltage are regulated by the electronic circuit, thereby extending the service life of the valve. A DC 0 … 20 V phase cut signal can be connected to the slave input (terminals 5 and 6). This input signal is electrically isolated with an AC optoisolator and trasmitted to the output stage without amplification or attenuation. When operating in this mode, the UA9 must be from the same supply as the supply to the master signal controller (device). The signal at output "C-" can be used for an override circuit.

Electrical protection

The control inputs are proof against interference voltages up to AC / DC 50 V. The phase cut output signal is sustained short circuit proof (max. 5 A for 1 ms per mains cycle). A PTC resistor (3 A) protects output "C-" (terminal 7) against short circuits.


UA9 Signal Converter 0…10V to D 0...20 V