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Siemens SEM62.. Transformer

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Transformers providing a reduction in voltage from AC 230 V to AC 24 V.
• Output power 30 VA
• Suitable for mounting on DIN rails
• Secondary power supply indication via LED
• Integral self-resetting primary fuse
• Secondary power supply on/off switch with replaceable fuse


The SEM62.. mains transformers (with housings) reduce an AC 230 V mains voltage to the AC 24 V supply voltage required by the controllers. The transformers have output power ratings of 30 VA. An integral self-resetting fuse on the primary side protects the transformer from overheating. SEM62.2 includes an on/off switch with replaceable fuse. This eliminates the need for additional 24V circuit on/off switch and fuse (or circuit breaker).


SEM62.1 - Transformer 30VA, AC 230/24V
SEM62.2 - Transformer 30VA, AC 230/24V with fuse and switch