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Siemens SEH62.1 Digital Time Clock

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Digital time switch used to switch plant on and off, or for the control of setback periods at night or at weekends.

· Integrated countdown timer

· Suitable for mounting on DIN rail

· Simple programming with large and easy - to-understand LCD

· Manual on/off control

· Quick Daylight Saving (DS) adjustment · Backup of 72 hours


The microprocessor automatically stores the programmed times in chronological order.

The time switch operates in one of 4 modes:
· Manual continuously on
· Manual continuously off
· Adjustable count down timer on, or
· Automatic operation via the time program

A switch with momentary contact closure across M-D1 activates the countdown timer. The power supply is buffered by a memory backup capacitor. In the event of a power failure, the time switch will continue to run, with the program retained, for 72 hours. However, the relay will assume (or remain in) the normal position.


SEH62.1 7-Day Digital Time Clock, AC 230V