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Siemens SEA45.5 Current Valve

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Siemens SEA45.5 Current Valve

The current valve is a solid-state power switch (thyristor). It regulates the amount of electrical energy supplied to the connected heating element. The output power is determined by the AC 24 V pulse/pause control signal. It is switched at the zero-voltage crossing point, in order to avoid the introduction of mains interference. The control signal and power signal are electrically isolated (by opto-coupler), enabling the controller and the current valve to be powered by different phases.

The current valve is used for the control of electric heating elements in heating, ventilation and air conditioning plant, e.g.:

• Electric heating coils
• Fan coil units
• Induction units
• Electric radiators
• Electric underfloor and ceiling heating systems
• Reheaters in fan coil units and supply air ducts
• Convector heaters and panel heating

Dimensions (W x H x D) 35.6 x 110 x 136 mm


The Siemens SEA45.1 has been discontinued and replaced by an SEA45.5. 


SEA45.1  Current Valve, AC 24V, Replaced by SEA45.5
SEA45.5 Current Valve, AC 24V


View the Datasheet and Technical Specifications provided by Siemens: Click Here To View Siemens HIT Portal SEA45.5

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