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Siemens Electrical Meters

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Siemens Electrical Meters

The cost-effective measuring devices, PAC3120, provide digital data analysis  for industrial applications, infrastructure, and retail/trade where basic metering and energy monitoring is required. The meter may be used as a stand alone device monitoring over 100+ parameters or as part of an industrial control, building automation or global power monitoring system. Metering and monitoring applications range from simple analog volt and amp meter replacements to stand-alone sub-billing or cost allocation installations.


The PAC3220 measuring devices offer an essential solution for precise power measurement, which is ideally suited for industrial, infrastructure, and retail applications. Features include measurement options of frequency, power and power factor; measurement accuracy for active energy and mean value detection for active and reactive power; connections and communication flexibility.

The SENTRON PAC4200 is a feature packed power monitoring device that is suitable for use in industrial, government and commercial applications where basic to advanced metering, logging, and I/O is required. The meter may be used as a standalone device monitoring over200 parameters or as part of an industrial control, building automation or global enterprise wide monitoring system. Advanced power quality monitoring and logging applications range from single low voltage breaker / building metering to sub-station main feeder monitoring, sub-billing or cost allocation installations with multiple tariffs. Whether your goal is to reduce operation cost, reduce your carbon footprint or to maintain your power assets, the PAC4200 meter should be an important part of your power monitoring system.


SBT7KM3120-0BA01-1DA0 PAC3120, Accuracy 1%, MODBUS RTU
SBT7KM3220-0BA01-1DA0 PAC3220, Accuracy 0.5%, MODBUS TCP
SBT7KM4212-0BA00-3AA0 PAC4200, Accuracy 0.2%, MODBUS TCP
SBT7KM9300-0AM00-0AA0 PAC3200/4200 - Modbus RTU Expansion
SBT7KM9900-0XA00-0AA0 Adapter for rail mounting Sentron PAC TMP2 Suitable for PAC3100 PAC3200 PAC4200 (Faces Outward)
SBT7KM9900-0YA00-0AA0 Top Hat Rail Adapter PAC TMP Suitable for PAC3100 PAC3200 PAC4200 (Faces Inward)


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