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Siemens Electrical Meters

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The PAC3100 is a measuring device for displaying the basic electrical variables in low voltage power distribution. It is capable of single-phase, two-phase, or three-phase measurement and can be used in three-wire, four-wire, TN, TT, and IT systems.
Thanks to its compact design in 96 x 96 mm format, it is an ideal replacement for all conventional analog indicating instruments. The large graphical LC display permits reading even from a distance. The combination of four function keys with the multi-language plaintext displays makes intuitive user prompting possible. The experienced operator can also use direct navigation for quicker selection of the desired display menu.
The integrated RS 485 interface can be used for Modbus RTU communication. In addition, the PAC3100 has 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs. The parameters can be set either direct on the device or via the RS 485 interface.
Password protection is integrated via the front of the device to guard against unauthorized access.


SBT7KM3133-0BA00-3AA0 PAC3100, Accuracy 1%, MODBUS RTU
SBT7KM2112-0BA00-3AA0 PAC3200, Accuracy 0.5%, MODBUS TCP
7KM4212-0BA00-3AA0 PAC4200, Accuracy 0.2%, MODBUS TCP
SBT7KM9300-0AM00-0AA0 PAC3200/4200 - Modbus RTU Expansion
7KM9200-0AB00-0AA0 PAC4200 Plug in I/O Module 4DI/2DO
SBT7KM9900-0XA00-0AA0 Adapter for rail mounting Sentron PAC TMP2 Suitable for PAC3100  PAC3200  PAC4200 (Faces Outward)
7KM9900-0YA00-0AA0 Top Hat Rail Adapter PAC TMP Suitable for PAC3100  PAC3200  PAC4200 (Faces Inward)