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Siemens Current Transducers

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Hawkeye 720, current monitoring devices provide unique solutions for accurately monitoring status of motors controlled by variable frequency drives. The H720 analog output corresponds to current in the monitored conductor from 10 to 80 Hz. 


H720 Current Transducer, Solid Core, 4...20mA Output, 0… 200A


Hawkeye Relay Combination Series high voltage output current switches are the ideal solution for the automation installer. These units combine a current switch and relay into a single package, reducing the space required for total control of fans and pumps. The integrated current switch and relay operate independently of one another. All relay connections are externally available for maximum flexibility. These products perform the functions of start/stop and status monitoring with one device instead of two.


H921 Current Transducer, Split Core, 4…20mA Output, 0…120A


The Hawkeye 923 Series provide accurate load trending information with a proportional 0 to 10 Vdc output signal. Devices offer three amperage range options, with slide-switch selection for easy field adjustment – no need for jumpers. 


H923 Current Transducer, Split Core, 0…10V Output, 0…150A


The H221 are current transducers that sense current (amperage) in the monitored conductor. The H221 amperage range is field-adjustable, with ranges of 0-100A thru 0-300A possible.  Device transforms the monitored current into 4-20 mA DC output, suitable for connection to building controllers or other appropriate data acquisition equipment. The H221 require 12-30 VDC external power supply to generate their output. Hawkeye H321 analog current transducers provide reliable load trending information for large motor loads (up to 2400 A), with a proportional 4 to 20 mA signal. 


H321 Current Transducer, Split Core, 4…20mA Output, 0…800A
H221 Current Transducer, Split Core, 4...20mA Output, 0...to 100...300A (Upper Limit Adjustable)


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