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Siemens Current Switches

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Hawkeye x00 on/off current switches provide a cost-effective solution  for monitoring status on unit vents, exhaust fans, recirculation pumps, and other fixed loads where belt loss is not a concern.

H600 Current Switch, Mini, Split-Core, Fixed Trip Point, 0.15…200A
H800 Current Switch, Mini, Solid-Core, Fixed Trip Point, 0.25…200A
H800-H-V Current Switch, Mini, Solid-Core, Fixed Trip Point, 0.75…200A


Hx08 Series and H701 adjustable current switches offer high performance, with a wide array of amperage range options. These products can accurately detect belt loss, coupling shear, or other mechanical failure on unit vents, exhaust fans, recirculation pumps, and other fixed loads down to as little as 1/5 HP.

H608 Current Switch, Mini, Split-Core, Adjustable Trip Point, 1.25…50A, LED Status
H701 Current Switch, Solid-Core, Adjustable Trip Point, 1…135A
H708 Current Switch, Solid-Core, Adjustable Trip Point, 1…135A, LED Status
H808 Current Switch, Solid-Core, Adjustable Trip Point, 0.75…50A, LED Status
H908 Current Switch, Split-Core, Adjustable Trip Point, 2.5…135A, LED Status


The Hawkeye Relay Combination Series is the ideal solution for the automation installer. These units combine a current switch and relay into a single package, reducing the space required for total control of fans and pumps. The current switch and relay operate independently of one another. These devices allow start/stop control and status monitoring with one device instead of two.

H735 Current Switch with Relay, Solid Core, Adjustable Trip Point, 1-135A, LED Status
H938 Current Switch with Relay, Split Core, Adjustable Trip Point, 2.5…145A, LED Status


Hawkeye 904, current monitoring devices provide unique solutions for accurately monitoring status of motors controlled by variable frequency drives. The microprocessor-based H904 store the sensed amperage values for normal operation at various frequency ranges in non-volatile memory. This information allows the device to distinguish between a reduced amp draw due to normal changes in the frequency and an abnormal amp drop due to belt loss or other mechanical failures. 

H904 Current Switch, Split-Core, Auto Calibration, 3.5…135A, LED Status, for VSD's


The H6ECM is a current-sensitive switching device that monitors current (amperage) in the conductor passing through it. A change in amperage in the monitored conductor that crosses the switch (setpoint) causes the resistance of the FET status output to change state, similar to the action of a mechanical switch. The status output is suitable for connection to building controllers or other appropriate data acquisition equipment operating at up to 30 V. The product requires no external power supply to generate its output.

H6ECM05 Current Switch for ECM Fans, Small Split-Core, 0.5A Trip Point, 0.1…175A, LED Status


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