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Siemens Synco 700 Controllers

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  • Model
RMS705B-1 Synco700, Switching and Monitoring Device (S55370-C100)
RMU710B-1 Synco700, Universal Controller, 1 Control Loops, 6UI, 2AO, 2DO
RMU720B-1 Synco700, Universal Controller, 2 Control Loops, 8UI, 3AO, 4DO
RMU730B-1 Synco700, Universal Controller, 3 Control Loops, 8UI, 4AO, 6DO
RMB795B-1 Synco700, Central Control Unit for RXB & RDG/RDF/RDU (S55370-C162)
RMZ780 Synco700, Module Connector
RMZ785 Synco700, Universial Extention Module (8UI)
RMZ787 Synco700, Universal Extension Module (4UI, 4DO)
RMZ788 Synco700, Universal Extension Module (4UI, 2AO, 2DO)
RMZ789 Synco700, Universal Extension Module (6UI, 2AO, 4DO)
QAW740 Synco700, Digital Room Unit, Konnex bus
RMZ790 Synco700, Plug-in type Operator Unit
RMZ791 Synco700, Detached Operator Unit
RMZ792 Synco700, Bus Operator Unit, Konnex
BAU200 Universal Digital Indicator, AC24V, Universal Inputs, 0...10V Output, IP50
OCI700.1 Service Tool for Synco, Sigmagyr and Albatros
OCI702 USB-KNX Interface with Bus Power Supply (S55800-Y10)
OZW772.01 Synco700, Web Server for 1 Synco device
OZW772.04 Synco700, Web Server for 4 Synco devices
OZW772.16 Synco700, Web Server for 16 Synco devices
OZW772.250 Synco700, Web Server for 250 Synco devices