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Siemens RVP201.1 Heating Controller

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Heating controller for use in residential or smaller non-residential buildings that have their own heat generating plant. Weather-compensated flow temperature control with or without room temperature influence or room temperature control. Control of three-position or two-position actuators or direct control of burner, control of circulating pump, control of d.h.w. heating. Analog operating elements for the end-user. Operating voltage AC 230 V.


• Types of houses and buildings:
− Small multi-family houses
− Single-family houses or holiday houses
− Smaller non-residential buildings

• Types of plant:
− Heating zones with their own heat generating equipment and own d.h.w. heating

• Types of heating systems:
− Radiator, convector, underfloor and ceiling heating systems, as well as radiant panels


RVP201.1 Heating Controller with 24-hour time switch
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