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Siemens RLA162 Controller

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Room temperature controller for basic ventilation, air conditioning and heating plants. Compact design with 2 analog control outputs DC 0…10 V for heating and/or cooling.


Plant types:
• Small ventilation or air conditioning plants with own air handling section
• Small heating plants
• Heating section of larger ventilation or air conditioning plants
• Ventilation zones of ventilation or air conditioning plants with central air handling

Building types:
• Small residential buildings
• Non-residential buildings of all types
• Apartments with a suitable reference room
• Individual rooms (e.g. conference rooms, training centers)

•Devices that can be controlled:
• Heating valve actuators
• Cooling valve actuators
• Air damper actuators
• Current valves of electric air heater batteries


RLA162 Synco100, Room Temperature Controller, 2 ouputs 0…10V