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Siemens PolyCool Controllers

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CPS40.040 PolyCool Superheat-Set, 1.5 - 29kW, Inc. RWR Cont., MVL661.15-0.4 Valve, QBE & QAZ Sensor
CPS40.100 PolyCool Superheat-Set, 6 - 120kW, Inc. RWR Cont., MVL661.15-1.0 Valve, QBE & QAZ Sensor
CPS40.250 PolyCool Superheat-Set, 15 - 290kW, Inc. RWR Cont., MVL661.20-2.5 Valve, QBE & QAZ Sensor
CPS40.630 PolyCool Superheat-Set, 40 - 740kW, Inc. RWR Cont., MVL661.25-6.3  Valve, QBE & QAZ Sensor
RWR462.10 PolyCool Superheat Controller, AC24V, 5UI 2DI, 2AO 2DO