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Valve Accessories

$217.00 $206.15 ($226.77 inc tax)
Other Siemens Valve Accessories

$26.00 $24.70 ($27.17 inc tax)
Valve Accessory, Fitting, Brass, Cast Iron,

$459.00 $436.05 ($479.66 inc tax)
Valve Accessory, Blanking Flange, DN32...100

$223.00 $211.85 ($233.04 inc tax)
Valve Accessory, Diaphragm Repair Kit

$628.00 $596.60 ($656.26 inc tax)
Valve Accessory, Replacement Electronics Module

$142.00 $134.90 ($148.39 inc tax)
Valve Accessory, Sealing Gland, Stem Dia 10mm...14mm

$111.00 $105.45 ($116.00 inc tax)
Stem Repack Kit

$296.00 $281.20 ($309.32 inc tax)
Valve Accessory, Terminal Housing for Magnetic Valves

$33.00 $31.35 ($34.49 inc tax)
Thermostatic Head

$279.00 $265.05 ($291.56 inc tax)
Universal Valve Retrofit Kit


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